Disruptive AI technology, transparency & real metrics at scale

A mobile-first full stack technology that is transparent and independent, giving advertisers a holistic view of campaign data from impression to conversion. FUSIO by S4M is currently the only platform with MRC accreditations for post-click actions in mobile app and browsers. Ad ops teams can create complex campaigns with ease and access real-time statistics and attribution to fully understand critical campaign indicators and make data-driven decisions.

Hyper Precise Shopper-Based Targeting

Rethink conventional proximity targeting using only radius or polygon zoning. Pinpoint high-potential shoppers and gather better insights on where they are; by combining travel time to store and historical location data with Dynamic Catchment Areas (DCA) by S4M.

Shopper Affinity Areas

Target location areas with large volumes of potential shoppers

eg. Device ID visited a store and was seen repeatedly 2km away from it, thus indicating a high affinity between this location and the store.

Drive Visits to Stores with Advanced Machine Learning

Daily Footfall Uplift Measurement & Optimization

S4M’s unique methodology dynamically creates and compares two similar datasets: shoppers exposed and non-exposed to the ad. Both segments are automatically built with the same targeting criteria as the advertiser’s campaign including: device IDs, location, time, OS, smartphones/tablets to measure incremental visits. 

GeoAccuracy® By S4M


Latitude & longitude GPS precision


Eliminate uninhabited areas


Remove centroids


GPS vs. IP location inconsistencies

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