S4M’s audience clusters now available on Snapchat’s inventory

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Brands worldwide can now reach mobile consumers in Snapchat with S4M’s 650 different audience segments. These hyper-precise audience segments range from gamers, millennials, music lovers, travellers, to fashion enthusiasts. This new offer also means advertisers can enrich first-party user data and execute precise re-targeting mobile campaigns in Snapchat.

“Snapchat is a unique channel where young mobile-savvy audiences are keen to consume branded content,” explains Christophe Collet, S4M CEO. “This is a strategic opportunity for brands to take audience targeting in their mobile campaigns to the next level. Advertisers can design sequential and authentic storytelling to engage with very specific audience profiles.”

Furthermore, brands can extend the ad experience from the social media channel by leveraging S4M’s proprietary mobile ad formats – such as The Path, The Travelling, or The Trailer. The branded message should not end just at the impression level but take the user into a landing page to continue the conversation or even drive mobile shoppers into stores. S4M’s technology, FUSIO can track all the user engagements in the format including completion rate and guarantees a landing page that is 100% loaded.

Read the news in French on Offremedia and in Italian on Programmatic Italia.

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