S4M – The Drive-to-Store Platform

By Nawal Es-sdiqui News Comments Off on S4M – The Drive-to-Store Platform

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At S4M, we firmly believe that marketers need full visibility of the incremental impact of their digital marketing strategy. To help them drive consumers to their stores, we have created the first and only advertising technology that connects brands to consumers by bridging the gap between digital advertising and the real-world.

Fusio by S4M, our proprietary machine-learning technology, gives them the power to maximize their media spend in real-time towards their most valuable business outcomes. This unified technology enables marketers to manage, measure, and optimize incremental visits in real-time to online and physical stores.

S4M is committed to transparency and full autonomy for its clients from online impressions until conversions.

Start measuring your ad spend against your business KPIs today. Discover what we do and join the adventure!

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