Regional Lexus Dealer Associations

1 in 3 shoppers use their smartphones to search for information when in the market to purchase a new vehicle. The Regional Lexus Dealer Associations set out to target affluent in-market car consumers in the African American and Hispanic communities across four different cities in the US. They executed a mobile-to-store campaign with Walton Isaacson and S4M and was able to boost foot traffic into dealerships by 3.8 times.

Campaign Objective

The automative market is highly competitive, so the best way to close the deal is to encourage consumers into a test drive. One of the main objective of the campaign was to help Lexus stand out among the target audiences shopping for a new vehicle. The Regional Lexus Dealer Associations wanted to embrace how consumers are changing the way they shop, search and look for new vehicles on their mobile devices.

Campaign Strategies

The month-long campaign set out to target digitally savvy, automotive enthusiasts with high annual incomes in the African American and Hispanic communities in New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Atlanta. To ensure precise and accurate geo-targeting, the campaign applied a 100% app environment approach and zip code targeting in appropriate markets. A mobile-native video creative format was created for the campaign to encourage user engagements and brand recall, guiding consumers to a landing page for the nearest dealership.

Campaign Results

This innovative campaign achieved more than 2 million video views and over 260K users watched the video until the end. Initial campaign goals were exceeded and overall foot traffic to dealerships were boosted by 3.8 times among all users exposed. An impressive 42% of total visits took place within the first week following the last ad exposure.

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Regional Lexus Dealer Associations optimized 21% of the total media budget with S4M’s high quality standards. S4M qualifies and charges an impression only when the ad has loaded 100% plus one second on the mobile. During the campaign 15, 757,493 impressions fully rendered on mobile devices versus 19,935,154, shelter 21% of the total media budget from fraud. To quantify actual foot traffic in dealerships, the campaign achieved an average Visitation Rate of 0.72%, with Wednesday being the best performing day of the week at 0.80%.

“With multicultural audiences increasingly becoming mobile first, the targeting capabilities of S4M allowed us to reach our intended audiences and generate an impressive uplift in foot traffic to local market Lexus dealerships, in support of key sales objectives. With the rising challenge of ad fraud today, the S4M partnership and its MRC accreditations also ensured that each dollar was spent efficiently to capture the right consumer and not lost to ad fraud.”

Albert Thompson, Managing Director Digital – Walton Isaacson

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