Kiko Milano

In 2018, international beauty brand Kiko Milano partnered with S4M to drive visits to its stores in Italy, Spain and France. Throughout the year, the make-up giant launched a campaign targeted at women aged 18 and older to increase their in-store visits.


Campaign Insights

To do so, S4M used their proprietary mobile creative ad formats to help shoppers interact with the brand through an immersive ad. They were then guided to the nearest Kiko store based on their live location in order to boost conversion.

The impact of the 81.8 million impressions, 100% rendered, delivered during this campaign on in-store traffic speaks for itself. As S4M is never judge and jury of their campaign results, they called on an independent third-party measurer who recorded a 165% visitation uplift as a direct return on ad spend.

Campaign Results

Overall, Kiko registered 154,424 in-store visits, of which 103,510 were incremental. What’s more, Kiko only paid 1.71€ per incremental visit thanks to S4M’s exclusive Cost Per Incremental Visit buying model. Well below the standard industry benchmark since S4M’s CPIV model only considers visits generated by online campaign impressions as opposed to the more traditional Cost Per Visit (CPV) model, that includes organic customers or people who visit due to other channels.

Out of the 3 countries where this campaign was run, Italy performed the best with 80,702 incremental visits out of 115,908 in-store visits and a 165% footfall uplift. With a CPIV of 1.33€ compared to a CPV of 0.93€, Kiko only paid an additional 0.4€ to generate real incremental visits.

Learn more about our CPIV buying model here.

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