CPIV - Cost Per Incremental Visit

For digital marketers, it is imperative to attribute online media investments with real-world impacts into stores. The traditional cost-per-visit ad model is not a holistic indicator of digital campaign efficiency. Measuring the total number of visits into a store can include organic customers or those who may have been inclined to visit based on other channels like TV, radio, print or out-of-home.

S4M’s CPIV buying model addresses this challenge by identifying and charging incremental visits generated into stores exclusively from online campaigns. Differentiating incremental visits is possible because FUSIO by S4M is the only ad tech platform with the capacity to measure and optimize visit uplifts into stores in real-time.

The platform’s AI capabilities calculate and optimize campaigns in real-time by comparing between groups of exposed and non-exposed users. Ultimately, the goal is to optimize towards the best footfall uplift and analyse user behaviour by adjusting high-performing parameters like targeting vicinities, creative formats, or publisher lists. S4M provides each advertiser with a tailored CPIV pricing based on their industry, campaign period, and existing brand awareness.

CPLP - Cost per landing page

Advertisers need transparent visibility into mobile campaigns to better understand their consumers engagements. We know fraud cannot be eliminated, but it can be flagged so advertisers are not paying for it!

S4M is introducing the CPLP buying model where advertisers pay only when users have arrived on the landing page or in an app. It’s time to adopt a buying model that evaluate human engagements and puts the user experience at the heart of your campaign success metrics. Start paying for user engagements and stop paying for fraud altogether.

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