S4M is a mobile-native ad tech company providing a global premium programmatic platform for advertisers and brands. Our mobile campaign management platform is an end-to-end solution that tracks and optimises each ad from impression to conversion within mobile browsers and applications. We help countless clients worldwide to reach their intended audiences on mobile devices by transforming and enriching mobile engagements.

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Our core values

People first

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You get what you pay for


Transparency technology

Why S4M


S4M upholds a 100% loaded + 1 second impressions guarantee for advertisers within a premium context combined with world class creative formats. We monitor brand safety, ad fraud, impression quality and true viewability. We are committed to report fraudulent-free traffic for all our clients through advanced filtration techniques and processes.


With S4M you have real-time insights into your mobile campaigns to optimise and analyse results with data-driven strategies. We help you understand the big picture and ensure the most effective mobile engagements. Mobile campaigns at S4M exceed expectations with a KPI + 1 optimization model. We are the only platform with MRC accreditations on mobile post-ad metrics for both browser and app environments.


We help advertisers reach and engage with their intended customers on their mobile devices in the perfect context and maximise impressions. Our in-house studio builds proprietary creative ad formats designed to deliver engaging mobile user experience. S4M provides complete transparency and our clients have full ownership of campaign data.