Exclusive Location Clusters by S4M

Powered by location

We compile mobile IDs together with location to produce real-life engagement scenarios.

No place like home

Home location is an ID always at the same place each night.

i.e. 35% of S4M’s user IDs has a defined home location in Paris

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Mobile travel retail

+22 millions identified TRAVEL-IDs collected at top 30 international airports’ terminals.

i.e. Each week S4M collects 145k unique Chinese mobile IDs at Heathrow terminals, each user will spend more +3 000£ in England.

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Prime-time amusement

15 millions identified ENTERTAIN-IDSs in major cities… when a device is present at concert halls , movie theaters or events … during opening hours.

i.e. S4M collects 300k “affluent” IDs living in Brussels every week at events and cultural locations. 70% of these are active on Fridays and Saturdays.

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Key shopping moments

+70M millions identified Shop-IDs available in cities’ major shopping places at lunch, in the evening and at week-end loads.

i.e. S4M collects +120k ‘Shop-IDs’ around 5th Avenue in Manhattan everyday of the week.

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Commuting peak hours

Fusio listens and interacts at commuting times along major routes, lines and stations, a total reach of +56 millions identified COMMUTER-IDs in major international cities.

i.e. S4M collects +134k “fashion shopper” IDs everyday at the central terminal in Paris.

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A day at work

+12 millions identified work-IDs across Europe, the USA, Latam and Asia. That is working place where a device usually goes and stays during working hours at offices buildings or universities…

i.e. S4M collects +40k master students Work-ID at universities in Munich each week.

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Putting context first

Relevant engagements

Bridge online & offline

Our mobile-to-store attribution platform will benefit both customers and advertisers.

Timely conversations

We know when and where brands can engage in meaningful conversations.

Privacy by Design

We achieve location targeting using only anonymous mobile data.

Premium publishers inventory

We guarantee that each ad will be served in the best environment possible, through our connections to SSPs and private deals with premium publishers and ad networks.

S4M audience clusters


First-party are verified and anonymised. This information provides insights into actual user behaviours, providing strategic data-driven opportunities for precision targeting.


To refine our audience cluster creations, we combine third-party data from websites with points of interest (POI). Combing first and third-party data will refine the intentions and interests of each individual user.


S4M creates customized audience clusters based on the targeted customers of our clients. Using mass amounts of behavioural mobile data over time, we can understand the future intentions of your customers.


Based on individual user preferences and past behaviours, we are able to deliver a tailored and receptive mobile advertising to each consumer. Advertisers can effectively communicate with their customers and create lifetime value in this age of ad blocking.

4 keys to mobile targeting


We target using information such as the device make and model, operating system, and the language of the smartphone or tablet.


We guarantee the most precise targeting through our premium publisher environments with private deals acres the world. We can guarantee full delivery of our in-house creative formats within these premium publishers.


To deliver personalised content on the mobile devices, we take into consideration sites and apps visited as well as location histories of mobile users.


Mobile devices are integrated into our daily lives. Our targeting capabilities integrate daily signals such as weather, sports events, finance and live TV.