CPLP - Cost per landing page

Advertisers need transparent visibility into mobile campaigns to better understand their consumers engagements. We know fraud cannot be eliminated, but it can be flagged so advertisers are not paying for it!

S4M is introducing the CPLP buying model where advertisers pay only when users have arrived on the landing page or in an app. As the only technology accredited by the MRC we can offer advertisers peace of mind across the entire mobile user journey.

It’s time to adopt a buying model that evaluate human engagements and puts the user experience at the heart of your campaign success metrics. Start paying for user engagements and stop paying for fraud altogether.

For both mobile web and in-app environments

Media Rating Council (MRC) Accreditations






Served ad impressions 100% rendered + 1 second

We count an impressions delievered to the user when it has 100% fully rendered on the mobile screen plus one second. This is how we guarantee that your ad was seen by a human and exclude any fraud or non-human impressions in your mobile campaigns.

True clicks

Accidental clicks are commonplace especially on mobile screens. We make sure advertisers are paying for intentional human engagements and never for robot traffic! At S4M we use a strict counting standard of only one click per impression so we can flag all suspicious activity in your campaigns.

Fully visible landing pages 100% loaded + 1 second

Don’t disappoint your users that have intentionally clicked on your ad with a landing page that is not fully loaded. We help advertisers guarantee the best user-experience and deliver landing pages that are fully loaded 100% plus one second.

Real app installs and opens

App installs and opens can be tricky and full of robot traffic. At S4M, we qualify an app install when the app has been opened in the mobile device. As the only player certified by the MRC on post-click metrics, we are best positioned to provide our advertisers peace of mind.